Large Corporation Testimonial

"COMPClub is a good resource in workers' compensation cost containment from the employer side."

Emerly Leano-Lay, Shutterfly, Inc., Tempe, AZ


Risk Management Claims Advisor Testimonial

“COMPclub's training program provides the roadmap to reach the destination of reduced WC costs. Michael Stack and Rebecca Shafer have created an efficient way for businesses of any size to learn the secrets used by Fortune 500 companies to improve their bottom line by reducing their workers' compensation costs."

Gary Fortman, ARM, AIC, AINS, AIS, Risk Management Claims Advisor; Melville,New York 


Mid-Sized Insurance Broker Testimonial

"Comp Club has provided insight on how to design and execute a successful workers comp program. Very practical, how to get started today information."

Guy Oseth; Vaaler/HCIS Insurance; Minnetonka, MN


National RMIS Vendor Testimonial

"COMPClub offers an effective road map to the many dimensions of workers' compensation.  Their unbiased, independence is a breath of fresh air in the usual sale of wc services."

Richard Denning, President, Shelter Island Risk Services, Shelter Island, NY


57 Year Insurance Casualty Claims Adjuster Testimonial

"AMAXX is fine at addressing and reminding employers and claim technicians of their duties and responsibilities in getting the injured employees back to full function."

Alan S Kindig, ARM;  Retired after a 57 year career, Insurance casualty claims



Transportation Industry PEO Testimonial

The risk manager of a PEO with 25 years’ experience and 500 transportation clients specializing in the trucking industry throughout the U.S. needed help to re-evaluate their workers’ comp literature for employees and claimants. The risk manager worked with one of our consultants to improve communication, using techniques found described in the book. The corporation reported achieving significant improvements in more timely claims reporting, reduction of attorney involvement, and promoting early return to work.

Risk Management Director, Professional Employer Organization


Business Attorney Testimonial

The role of the employer in its workers' comp claims has never been so thoroughly and clearly explained. As a desk reference, it is invaluable. It is one of the tools that should never be out of reach for a risk manager. Direct employer involvement with claims in the first weeks is the difference between success and failure. This manual will guide the conscientious employer through the pitfalls.

T. Ronca, Workers Compensation Defense Attorney, Long Island, NY


Global Insurance Broker Testimonial

This book is exactly what we needed to compliment Arthur J. Gallagher's results oriented Loss Control services for our clients with high workers' compensation costs. It helps guide them through the complex process of gaining management commitment for a workers' compensation cost reduction program. The suggestions for implementing transitional duty, communicating with employees, and reducing fraudulent claims are right on target. It provides suggested procedures that are customizable for any work place. Clients appreciated that we gave them such a useful tool to reduce their workers comp costs.

R.F. Walker, Arthur J. Gallagher, Risk Management Services, NY


Mid-Sized Corporation Testimonial

The Safety Director at our company is using the book as an outline of claims management, workers compensation and safety. He is using specific chapters for training the supervisors at our company. It is useful in working with the supervisors who they are getting more involved in the claims process moving forward.

Business Owner, Rochester, NY


Published Review of "Your Ultimate Guide to Mastering Workers' Comp Costs"

When a workers' compensation maven of Rebecca Shafer's caliber shares her expertise about implementing cost containment best practices, industry professionals can't afford to do anything but listen. Likewise, now that Shafer has released the 2012 edition of her guidebook Workers Compensation Management Program: Reduce Costs 20% to 50%, risk managers, adjusters, vendors, attorneys, agents and brokers, carriers, and employers can't afford to do anything but purchase the book and start reading. Read entire review.

Karen C. Yotis, Esq., LexisNexis Workers' Compensation Law Community


Automotive Parts Company Testimonial

I can attest to the great information in the book. I bought it because no matter how long you are doing this someone has an alternate way to do things that may be better. No program should be stagnant and simple changes can make a huge change in outcomes. I would recommend the book to anyone that manages workers' compensation whether they have been doing so for the past week or 20+ years.

Automotive Parts Company Workers’ Compensation Manager