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"How the Experience Modification Factor Affects Workers' Comp Costs"


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Michael Stack

Amaxx LLC

Michael Stack is founder and lead trainer of Amaxx Workers' Comp Training Center.  He is an experienced risk consultant and works with clients to develop benchmarking comparisons, assess key cost drivers, structure strategies, and design training to reduce workers’ compensation and risk management costs.

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In this On Demand Training You Will Learn...

The experience modification factor is a snapshot assessment of risk for an insurance carrier. In guaranteed cost programs it is a primary factor in the pricing of workers' comp premiums, and this formula is key to understanding how injury management best practices result in lower costs. For high deductible and self-insured employers, the experience mod offers a simple benchmark which can be leveraged for greater program insight.

In this training you will learn...

  • how to speak in simple language about the complex mod formula with clients or senior management
  • what elements of workers' comp claim costs actuaries view as most important
  • how changes in claim outcomes affect premium pricing
  • the simple formula to calculate your minimum experience mod
  • the impact of one claim on your experience rating

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(FREE for anyone new to our WC Mastery courses)