WC Mastery Training

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"How to Measure Workers' Comp Success with 5 Critical Metrics"

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Your Host For This Training...

Michael Stack

Amaxx LLC

Michael Stack is founder and lead trainer of Amaxx Workers' Comp Training Center.  He is an experienced risk consultant and works with clients to develop benchmarking comparisons, assess key cost drivers, structure strategies, and design training to reduce workers’ compensation and risk management costs.

In this ON-DEMAND Training You Will Learn...

The path to workers’ compensation mastery is proven and well worn.  One of the most critical elements to understand where you are in the path, and how far you’ve come, is to measure your workers’ compensation program.

This training will cover the calculation and application of 5 Critical Metrics to address:

  • Workers’ comp viewed as a cost of doing business
  • Getting management to understand value of return to work
  • Convincing policy holders to embrace a worker recovery program
  • Lack of informed and effective employer involvement in WC claims issues
  • Stakeholder apathy
  • Managers and supervisors not taking seriously their duty to protect workers

And more…

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