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Our Training Center Benefits Individuals and Companies

The Worker's Compensation Training Center hosts monthly webinars, alongside online educational courses, that employees may attend and access. Our wide range of topics allows you to stay up to date on the latest industry trends, with structure to begin implementing strategies immediately. Both individuals and companies benefit by: 

Why Become Certified in Worker's Comp Training?

As a Worker's Compensation employee, you have the ability to reduce the risk and minimized the time and cost associated with worker's injuries in your organization. Our Worker's Compensation Training Center has all the tools and resources necessary to strategize and implement worker's compensation processes in your organization. By signing up for our training center, you will be able to: 

For Companies: Train Your Employees to Become Leaders in Worker's Compensation

We partner with organizations to support employees on their path to becoming certified in Worker's Comp Training. As you bring on new employees, Worker's Comp Training Center provides unparalleled access to on-demand resources and course curriculums. Learn more about our company services below.

What Our Members Are Saying

"WC Taught Me New Tactics and Reinforced Our Current Strategies"

I stumbled upon this program and feel that is has not only taught me new things but also reinforced some of the simple things that we are doing that keep our program running strong.  As I went through the courses I was able to assess where we currently stand and compare to best practices.  One of the courses that stood out to me was “How to Train Supervisors to become Worker’s Comp Advocates”.  While our supervisors are good….I know they can be better!  I have a list of things that I would like to improve and I am sure that we will get there, step by step.

- Most Valuable: 5 Critical Metrics to Measure WC success, How to Properly Respond to Injuries, How to Train Supervisors

- Least Valuable: At this point, I would say it was all valuable…there was something I learned from every module.

Anette Gray

EHS Claims Coordinator, Arthex