Who Should Join?

Comp Club is designed for professionals interested in learning, sharing  ideas, and connecting with other industry leaders on workers compensation best practices for employers.  These best practices apply to any state, jurisdiction, or country.


  • Risk Managers and Safety Directors use Comp Club to improve their practices in workers’ compensation claims management, as well as to train supervisors on these best practices.  They learn more about their area of responsibility – post-loss cost containment – adding to their overall knowledge. They also use the content to get management commitment in rolling out a Return-to-Work program, one of the biggest cost savings areas relating to workers’ compensation costs.


  • Brokers, Agents, Insurance Companies, Reinsurers, Adjusters, and Consultants use Comp Club to learn about specific aspects of cost containment; and benefit by passing their knowledge on to their clients. For example, when discussing how to develop a Return-to-Work program and a client asks about “off-site return-to-work programs,” the broker can reference a webinar presentation made on this topic, contact another member with expertise in this area, or reference that section in Your Ultimate Guide to Mastering Workers Comp Costs.  The answer can be passed on to the client, along with a private label copy of the cost containment book.


  • Producers and Account Executives use Comp Club to deepen their expertise and resources with clients and prospects.  An account executive can properly prepare for formal presentations such as annual stewardship meeting to illustrate how their company is on top of workers’ compensation issues.


  • Vendors such as doctors, investigation firms, law firms, medical management vendors and triage companies use Comp Club to learn how their services might fit into the workers’ compensation marketplace. They learn what is important to employers, and what they look for in vendor relationships.


  • Human Resources uses the knowledge gained from Comp Club to bring new hires including risk managers, safety professionals and supervisors, up to speed very quickly. Often the HR Director is responsible for some aspect of workers’ compensation or disability leave, and needs to understand more about workers’ compensation cost containment methodology.


  • Workers’ Comp Newcomers use CompClub to quickly get up to speed in the workers’ compensation industry.  This program focuses on workers’ comp 101 topics and is a safe place to answer all the questions newcomers are too afraid to ask.