ADA and Return to Work

How to Coordinate Return to Work with ADA Compliance

The interpretation and application of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) is often confusing and overwhelming. In this session you will learn from Senior Attorney Advisor of the EEOC, Aaron Konopasky, on interpretations of this law in workers’ compensation, and how to coordinate return to work best practices with ADA compliance.

Learn answers to the following and more...

- Is a reasonable accommodation having someone do part of their job? Example all lifting?
- How does the identification of light duty jobs factor into ADA's interpretation of reasonable accommodations?
- What if the employee doesn't want to return-to-work, but wants to be out of work?
- What if an employee, during the interactive process, says no, he or she is not aware of a reasonable accommodation?
- If we have a transitional duty program, are we in jeopardy of being sued by employees if we terminate them because we cannot provide a reasonable accommodation?

And more...

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