"How to Use Evidence Based Medicine to Create Better Workers' Comp Claim Outcomes" 


Your Hosts For This Training...

Michael Stack

Amaxx LLC

Michael Stack is founder and lead trainer of Amaxx Workers' Comp Training Center.  He is an experienced risk consultant and works with clients to develop benchmarking comparisons, assess key cost drivers, structure strategies, and design training to reduce workers’ compensation and risk management costs.

Jacob Lazarovic, MD

Amaxx LLC

Jacob Lazarovic MD is Medical Advisor at Amaxx. He has considerable experience in managed care, including 18 years as chief medical officer at Broadspire , a leading TPA, where he developed and supported innovative programs ensuring cost-effective medical management practices in the workers compensation/disability arena impacting utilization review, case management, physician review, bill review, analysis and outcomes, and quality improvement.

In this Live Stream Training You Will Learn...

****55 minute Training will be immediately followed by Advisory Session****

A common fact often forgotten is workers’ compensation claims are medical injuries and medical expertise is needed to get the best claim results. The workload of the everyday adjuster is unrealistic to expect accurate and appropriate medical determinations. This session will go in-depth on how to leverage evidenced based medicine guidelines to empower claims handlers and drive positive claim outcomes.

This session will cover:

  • Integrating evidence based medicine tools into your claims process
  • Avoiding excessive medical treatment and unregulated compound prescriptions
  • Getting appropriate treatment approved
  • Proper utilization of doctor questions to push for needed interventions
  • Proper utilization of IME questions to move the claim toward resolution
  • Inappropriate use of Utilization Review

And more…