Workers’ Comp Newcomers Course

Workers' compensation is a complex system with many stakeholders, and for those new (or even for many who have been around!), it can be overwhelming.
At the core, however, workers' compensation is very simple, to provide medical treatment and assistance to employees who are hurt at work, so they can return back to work.

- The WC Newcomers course will walk you through, step-by-step all of the critical aspects of workers' compensation you need to know to be up and running very quickly.
- At the completion of this course, you will have learned what it takes most people at least 10 years to learn about this industry.

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5 Lessons

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Workers' Comp Newcomers - Welcome (5:05)

Module 1: Work Comp Nuts & Bolts

Module 2: Work Comp Cost Containment Fundamentals

Module 3: The Financial Impact

Module 4: Best In Class Work Comp Management